DyeNinja wants you to have a good buying experience and to enjoy knitting with our yarn. In order for that to happen you need to know what to expect from us and what we expect from you as part of the sales process.

This document sets out the guidelines, rules and commitments under which we operate.

For contractual details (e.g. what will postage cost? / where is DyeNinja incorporated?) see under Terms & Conditions.

Who is DyeNinja?

DyeNinja is a small indie yarn dyer based in Livingston, Scotland. We hand-dye all our yarn on-site in small batches to ensure quality control.

Sheila & David Hewitt run the company.

David is responsible for the website development & operation. He has been known to take the odd photograph.

Sheila does everything else.

To contact us email : sheila@dyeninja.com

Your Privacy

We take your privacy and the security of your personal information very seriously. DyeNinja will know your name and address and your e-mail contact. We need these so that we can post your yarn to you. If you have agreed to be on our mailing list, then we will send you news and information about upcoming events and competitions.

DyeNinja will never sell, share or otherwise make available, your personal details, to any other company or organisation unless required to do so by law.

Dye Ninja will not know your bank details – we do all of our Internet transactions via Paypal, only Paypal has access to your financial information. At festivals we only accept payment in cash or via Paypal.

Problems and Complaints

Sometimes things go wrong, if this happens then we will make reasonable effort to put them right. Please email sheila@dyeninja in the first instance, as soon as you know there is a problem.

Some possible examples and what we do about them:

Reduced Yarns

If you have bought your yarn from the ‘Mistakes, Mishaps and Misdemeanours’ section of the website, or as a ‘special offer’ at a festival, then it will be clearly marked as to why the skein was reduced in price. Reduced yarns are not returnable.

Using Hand-dyed yarn

Always swatch for your tension/gauge which may not be the same as that on your pattern – especially if you have substituted from the recommended yarn. If your tension/gauge differs from the pattern you may require additional yarn.

We recommend that for any project requiring more than one skein of yarn, you knit with two skeins at a time, completing two rows from one skein then two rows from the other, and so on. This will even out any small colour differences and helps to alleviate ‘colour pooling’.

We recommend that once you have completed your knitting you soak the garment in a wool-specific product such as Soak, Eucalan or Woolite. Soak and Eucalan do not need to be rinsed. Blocking your garment after soaking will improve the general appearance of the garment.

When cleaning hand-dyed garments, please hand wash separately in lukewarm water using a wool-specific cleanser. Hand washing, gentle squeezing to remove excess water (no spinning or wringing) and drying flat will vastly extend the life of your beautiful knitting/crocheting - regardless of whether or not your yarn is designated ‘Superwash’.

Wholesale Enquiries

DyeNinja would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you on a one-to-one and entirely confidential basis.

We can offer the following options:

Contact sheila@dyeninja.com.