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No DyeNinja at Yarndale 2021


No DyeNinja at Yarndale 2021

Hello everyone. I'm sorry to have to tell you that DyeNinja will not be attending the Yarndale show this year.

I'm waiting to have knee surgery. Last week I did Perth Yarn Fest (fabulous!) which, due to COVID is the only festival I've attempted for two years. The knee did not hold up so well. Yarndale is a bigger event in terms of ground covered and I know that the knee will not be good - and may not make it through. I don't want it coming apart altogether as that could mean they can't do the replacement. So I've pulled out of Yarndale for 2021. You will all have a great time I'm sure. There will be loads of lovely vendors.

And by 21st September I'll have all the updated yarn quantities on the website..... Meantime, I'm gutted.


Closed till after the Yarn Festivals


Closed till after the Yarn Festivals

DyeNinja is away to the yarn festivals at Perth www.perthfestivalofyarn.uk on 11 and 12 September, and then Yarndale www.yarndale.com on 25 and 26 September. All the yarn is going with me. The shop will reopen with updated stocks on 4 October. Have a lovely September


All sales to the EU suspended


It is with sadness that I have to tell you all that sales to the European Union are suspended until further notice.

I did not want to do this. I love my EU customers. But the GB government (I use the word loosely), have failed to make any arrangement for sales to the EU. This means that each country may charge whatever it wants by way of import tax and duties on parcels from GB. Customers are liable to pay these fees on receipt. But many countries have imposed punitive tax on goods form the EU. Also tax and duties can change with a no notice. It is not fair to my customers who, when they buy a skein of yarn, may have to pay twice its cost in additional tax. If the customer decides that they don't want to receive the parcel, because of the high tax, when it is returned to me I have to pay the tax on it (or each country can decide not to return the parcel and the wool will be destroyed). As a small business I cannot afford to take this on. My government sucks. I'm heartbroken. Sheila

Mail in the Time of Coronavirus


Posting mail during Coronavirus

I do all the wrapping and posting myself. I will be wearing gloves and mask while I pack your yarn. All yarn will be double wrapped during the crisis, so you can discard the outer layer, that's been handled in the mail, as soon as you receive it It goes to the post office where our local post people are carefully applying the two metre distancing rule.

Receiving mail during Coronavirus

When your parcel arrives - and it may take a little longer during this time - you can remove and discard the outer layer of packaging. Please open your parcel carefully so that you don't cut into the inner wrapping. I would wear gloves while doing this and wash my hands after. Inside there will be a second wrapper. I suggest that you quarantine your yarn, in it's inner wrapper, for a couple of weeks. We don't know how long Coronavirus can live on wool, so let's be on the safe side.

Stay Home. Be Safe.

Community in 2020


Community in 2020

2019 is ending as a disappointment. I worry about democracy in the UK, a country chosen by so many EU citizens, where they make their lives, pay their taxes and yet have no say, no vote. I worry about whether the NHS will be able to withstand the onslaught of a 'US deal' on drugs pricing. We have the fifth largest economy in the world and one third of our children grow up in poverty.

I could easily give in to despair. But who would that help? So instead I'm going to do what I can to help my local community and my knitting community. I can do these two things.

West Lothian School Bank, my local community

For the whole of 2020 I will give £1 for every full skein of yarn^ I sell, to the West Lothian School Bank.

The School Bank helps the most disadvantaged children by providing them with school uniforms, gym kit, shoes and wellies, warm jackets, underwear, backpacks and school essentials such as pencils and calculators. Last winter they gave out 75 warm winter coats, and remember, that's just in West Lothian. Having the same uniform helps underprivileged kids to blend in, to feel part of the school. It raises their self-esteem, improves confidence, reduces bullying, lets them concentrate on learning and takes a significant financial pressure off their parents.

The School Bank takes referrals from a wide range of professionals, including Social Workers, the Child Protection Agency, Head teachers and GPs. They receive only the information needed to select the best clothing for a child in need. They don't know who the child is, or why they've been referred. There is no judgement here. They just help the children.

I've chosen to help my community through West Lothian School Bank because, by dealing directly with child poverty, they act on the intersection of many areas of under-privilege. Children from homes where there is abuse and violence are disproportionately affected by poverty. Single parent families are disproportionately affected. Children of Black and Ethnic Minorities; children from homes suffering addiction or alcoholism; refugee children; children from homes where there are mental health issues or physical disability and illness; are all disproportionately affected by poverty.
All the effects of poverty are played out in what kids wear to school.

If you want to know more about the work of the West Lothian School Bank please look here School Bank.

^includes packs of miniskeins, excludes single miniskeins and 'sale' items

Something for You, my knitting community

Years of austerity mean that we are all feeling the pinch in our wallets and our well-being. Many of us will use crafting as a way to deal with the pressures and stresses of daily life and therefore continue to spend on quality supplies. I know that many of you in the knitting and crocheting community will continue to buy yarn from me. I'm grateful.

I want to make it easier for you and therefore I'm taking £2 per skein off the price of all my merino and camel/silk yarn. This applies from today, for all of 2020, and backdated to the beginning of December (so if you bought yarn from me already this month, you'll get a bit back via PayPal).

  • High Twist Merino DK and Aran drop from £16 to £14
  • High Twist Merino Fingering drops from £18 to £16
  • Ultrafine Merino Lace drops from £20 to £18
  • Baby Camel & SIlk Fingering drops from £25 to £23 and
  • Baby Camel and Silk Lace drops from £29 to £27
  • Wild Islands Sport has already dropped from £23 now £17.

To be clear, I'm not asking you to spend more money with DyeNinja. Just, if you would have bought from me anyhow - here's a wee something back. Enjoy!

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